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The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Directed by Carla Nell


Design & Support Team: Carla Nell (Producer), Divina Magracia (Stage Manager), Michael McKeon (Scenic Design), 
Dean Collins (Lighting Design), Alanna Serrano (Costume Design), Robert Malave (Wardrobe Assistant), Carla Nell (Sound Design), Margot Flitcraft (Media Design),  Jamie Channell Guzman (Graphic & Web Design), Adriana Zuniga-Williams (Photography)


Cast: Kym Pappas (Kate), Steve Froehlich (Petruchio), Joel Castellaw (Baptista Minola), Alex Guzman (Lucentio), 
Sophie Wood (Tranio), Jamie Channell Guzman (Bianca), Kevin Six (Hortensio), Kira Vine (Gremio), Wendy Savage (Grumio), Patrick Mayuyu (Biondello), Cecily Keppel (Curtis, Tailor, others), Claudette Santiago (Merchant, Widow, others), Kurt Kalbfleisch (Vincentio)


Where superficial productions of this Shakespeare classic play for archetypes, InnerMission’s Shrew complicates these characters, leaving the audience to question: “Who is right, and who is wrong?” Is Petruchio a masochistic manipulator, a psychotherapist, or a rebranding master marketer? Does Kate play along? Has she lost her sense of independence, or has
she been brainwashed? Can/should a shrew be tamed?

-John Reimer, San Diego Reader

"In her red dress, red lipstick and red stilettos, Kym Pappas is a formidable presence as Katherina, she of the sharp wit and sharper tongue." 
-Pat Launer, Times of San Diego


“There’s more to Kym Pappas’ Katherina than the maverick misandrist — as often as not, Pappas plays her fairly quietly and downcast, as if a distant hurtful memory sparks her disdain for men, Petruchio in particular. It’s an interesting contrast against Petruchio’s unbroken bombast, with Steve Froehlich striking a jut-jawed pose to his unrepentant character.”
-Martin Jones Westlin, San Diego Story


Highlights of the show: Froehlich and Pappas, who make fine adversaries as Petruchio and Kate, and even pretty fine allies. Jamie Channell Guzman’s Bianca is absolute charmer, and her array of suitors (Kevin Six (Hortensio), Alex Guzman (Lucentio) and a gender-bending Kira Vine as Gremio) are an amusing lot.
-Jean Lowerison, SDGLN


August 12-27, 2016
Spotlight Organization:
San Diego Shakespeare Society
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