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The Glory of Living by Rebecca Gilman

A San Diego Premiere
July 24 - August 14, 2009 

Directed by Carla Nell


Designers: Johnny Flores (Stage Manager), Christopher Loren Renda (Scenic Designer), Teri Brown (Costume Designer), Alisa Zeljeznjak (Lighting Designer), Carla Nell (Sound Designer)


Photography by Paul Savage


Cast: Bonnie Alexander (Lisa), Scott Andrew Amiotte (Clint), David Kelso (Carl), Kym Pappas (Jeanette), Robin Felix (Burrows), Reed Willard (Steve), Ashley Malia Cole (Girl), Christopher Burger (Hugh), Sven Salumaa (Jim), Amanda Dasteel (Angie), Alison Lutz (Carol)


“All persons and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or persons is strictly coincidental.”


This disclaimer begins the story of Lisa, a fifteen year old girl, and her marriage to Clint, an ex-con twice her age. Systematically abused by her husband, Lisa is coerced into helping him commit crimes of varying magnitude, including murder. The play bravely examines moral codes, sexual abuse, love, poverty and the value of a human life.

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