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Precious Little by Madeleine George

November 6-21, 2015
Spotlight Organization:

Directed by Carla Nell


Design & Support Team: Chad Oakley (Stage Manager), Shaun Tuazon-Martin (Scenic Design), Chad Oakley (Lighting Design), Kym Pappas (Costume Design), Carla Nell (Sound Design), Jamie Channell Guzman (Graphic & Web Design), 
Adriana Zuniga-Williams (Photography), Jonathan Hammond (Videographer)


Cast: Kathi Copeland, Jyl Kaneshiro, Jennie Olson Six


Brodie, a gifted linguist, learns unsettling news about the baby she carries. Unable to get comfort from her girlfriend, she finds it in the two least likely sources imaginable: the elderly speaker of a vanishing language…and a gorilla at the zoo. Madeleine George’s irreverent and charming new play reveals the beauty and the limits of human language. 


"The well-staged, 80-minute drama is being produced by InnerMission Productions in a new black box space at Diversionary Theatre in University Heights. It’s the promising opener for 10-year-old InnerMission’s first subscription season, which includes four more shows through August 2016." -Pam Kragen, SDUT


"For InnerMission, under Carla Nell’s subtle direction, three actors play all the parts. Jennie Olson Six does some of her finest work. She begins as a master-linguist. Through always believable stages, she sheds views and habits, and even language itself." -Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader


"Carla Nell has never shied away from thought-provoking work, especially plays that spotlight women...This show opens the first full season of InnerMission Productions, which Nell founded in 2005 with co-artistic director Kym Pappas. It’s also the inaugural production of Diversionary Theatre’s new 50-seat Black Box space....Both play and production are riveting. There are so many issues to ponder, so many moments to revisit and re-analyze. “Precious Little” says a lot — about communication, and the ambitions of InnerMission Productions." -Pat Launer, Times of San Diego 


"...George is able to maintain a creative voice during every scene. The actresses who star in Precious Little perform her frequently intricate words with meaningful conviction...By picking a fairly new and ambitious narrative, InnerMission is opening the season with plenty of promise." -David Dixon, San Diego Story


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