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Ordinary Days   A musical by Adam Gwon

July 28-August 12, 2017
Spotlight Organization:
A Reason to Survive (ARTS)

A vibrant and original musical, Adam Gwon's Ordinary Days focuses on four New Yorkers struggling to navigate the concrete jungle in search of satisfaction. When Deb loses her most precious possession—the notes to her graduate thesis—she is brought into the orbit of Warren, an aspiring artist, and Claire and Jason, a couple who've just moved in together—and unwittingly starts a chain of events that turns the ordinary days of all four of them into something extraordinary. Ordinary Days is a witty, refreshing and affecting reminder that it's possible to change the lives of people who, due to our increasingly anonymous world, we may never even meet. 

Directed by Matthew E. Graber


Design & Support Team: Kym Pappas & Carla Nell (Producers), Hazel Friedman (Music Director & Accompanist), Monika Lee (Stage Manager), James M. McCullock (Scenic & Lighting Design), Jamie Channell Guzman (Costume Design & Graphic Design), Alex Guzman (Sound Design), Kevin Six (Properties), Adriana Zuniga-Williams (Photography)


Cast: Patrick Mayuyu (Warren), Jamie Channell Guzman (Deb), Brent Roberts (Jason), Kym Pappas (Claire)


What’s most extraordinary about InnerMission Productions’ staging of Adam Gwon’s chamber musical “Ordinary Days” is how director Matthew E. Graber and a cast of four create the illusion of Manhattan, in all its bustling humanity, in confines the size of a freight elevator. But rather than being an impediment, Diversionary Theatre’s little Black Box space proves an effective conduit between cast and the closely seated audience, facilitating an emotional connection with “Ordinary Days’ ” searching characters and its I-Love-New York backdrop.

-David L. Coddon, San Diego Union Tribune

"This is a fine cast. Roberts has a lovely, easy-to-listen-to baritone. Guzman’s...soprano is perfect for Deb, and would be very much at home on Broadway. I could watch and listen to Mayuyu all day. You’ll never catch him acting; he disappears into his character. He also has a lovely voice. Gwon did actors no favors in creating the skittish Claire, a difficult character to like. But Pappas makes her convincing...Bravo to Music Director (and splendid pianist) Hazel Friedman, who provides excellent accompaniment for the singers."

-Jean Lowerison, Gay San Diego


"Mayuyu is perfect... [Guzman's] timing is near perfect...[and] her penchant for comedy rings true. Robert ‘s tenor voice is the most pleasant of the foursome...“I’ll Be Here” [is] a heartbreaking tune and done especially well by Pappas."

-Carol Davis, Carol's Theatre Reviews

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