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Nest by George Soete

Directed by Carla Nell


Cast: Carla Nell (Prissy Pratt), Jess Ryan Williams  (Bradley Archer),  Kym Pappas (Sophie Archer), Duane Leake (Herbert Hughie), Ryan T. Roach (Herman Pratt)


“I wanted to write a play in which a tiny incident is blown completely out of proportion and changes peoples' lives in very radical ways.”  -George Soete


Brad and Sophie Archer are successful, attractive, intelligent and rather dull.  Then Brad bumps into Herman Pratt in the supermarket and what was an innocent mistake will change their lives forever as Herman and Prissy show Brad and Sophie how to let go.

A World Premiere
July 2007
Produced by Ryan T. Roach
in association with
InnerMission Productions

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