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Longview, TX by Anna Rebek

​in collaboration with
November 7-16, 2014

Written & Directed by Anna Rebek


Designers: Sean O’Hara (Stage Manager), Anna Rebek (Scenic Design), Chad Oakley (Lighting Design), Anna Rebek (Costume Design), Carla Nell (Sound Design), Anna Rebek (Prop Master)


Cast: Martin Gutfeldt (Holden Bruins), Kym Pappas (Farrah Bruins), Brian Burke (Jim Premble), Carla Nell (Blanche Duvet), John Antonov (Sergeant Tate), Bryant Hernandez (Doug), Jaime Tuttle (Casey/Missy), Tiffany Tang (Liz), Sam Ginn (Darlene)


Photography by Anna Rebek


When Prisa Hernandez gets abducted in broad daylight, racial tensions surface in the community, and she becomes the first ever minority case aired on the hit legal show, On The Case with Blanche Duvet, where ratings are queen. Meanwhile, middle aged love is trying to float between two pretty scuffed up hearts. Then as the case gets warm we find out there's a side to our youngsters that no one saw coming. Come on out and visit Longview, TX. Where sister tension gets heated, line dancing gets shuffled, brisket gets served and badges flash…


***InnerMission Productions is committed to bringing new work to San Diego stages. Anna Rebek wrote an inventive new play in an unorthodox fashion. Longview, TX is a play written especially for this specific ensemble! Every character in the play was written for the actor playing them. Another exciting angle with this particular project is that our director and co-producer filmed Longview, TX with the original cast making this a very special opportunity for the actors involved.

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