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Gun Control Theatre Action by Caridad Svich

In collaboration with
OnStage Playhouse
June 1 & 2, 2012


Kym Pappas, Teri Brown, James Michael McCullock, J.D. Burke, Delia Knight, Justine Hince, Kathi Copeland, Rhiannon Jones, Giselle Pimental, Pamela Basurto, James P. Darvas, Joel Castellaw, Laura Preble, Rachel Throesch


About Caridad Svich

Caridad Svich is a US Latina playwright, translator, lyricist and editor whose works have been presented across the US and abroad at diverse venues, including Denver Center Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Repertorio Espanol, 59E59, McCarren Park Pool, 7 Stages, Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Teatro Mori (Santiago, Chile), ARTheater (Cologne), and Edinburgh Fringe Festival/UK. She received a 2012 OBIE Award for Lifetime Achievement in the theatre, and the 2011 American Theatre Critics Association Primus Prize for her play The House of the Spirits, based on the novel by Isabel Allende. She has been short-listed for the PEN Award in Drama three times, including in the year 2010 for her play Instructions for Breathing. Among her key works: 12 Ophelias, Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man’s Blues, Any Place But Here, Iphigenia…a rave fable, Fugitive Pieces, The Way of Water and the multimedia collaboration The Booth Variations.


About the Play

NoPassport Gun Control Theatre Action History: On January 15, 2013 NoPassport theatre alliance and press invited dramatists, storytellers and poets to send work in the 3-7 minute range and take part in a Theatre Action from January 25-28, 2013 to coincide with the March on Washington for Gun Control organized by citizen-artist Molly Smith and her partner Suzanne Blue Star Boy. The book brings together new work in support of gun control from playwrights Neil LaBute, Elaine Avila, Kyle Bostian, Neil Blackadder, Alex Broun, Gab Cody, Tameka Cage Conley, Cecilia Copeland, Yvette Heyliger, Amina Henry, Zac Kline, Jennifer Maisel, Lynn Manning, Oliver Mayer, Chiori Miyagawa, Matthew Paul Olmos, Ian Rowlands, Tammy Ryan, August Schulenburg, Saviana Stanescu, Caridad Svich, Chris Weikel, Winter Miller, Gary Winter, and Laura Zam. The volume features an essay by Tammy Ryan and a reflection and interview by DW Gregory. Selected works in this volume were presented in collaboration with NoPassport, Theater J and force/collision in Washington D.C. on January 26, 2013, and with Pittsburgh PACT to coincide with the March on Washington for Gun Control led by Molly Smith and Suzanne Blue Star Boy. These dynamic works for theatre are a rousing call to action. 


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