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Gidion's Knot by Johnna Adams

May 26-June 10, 2017
Spotlight Organization:
The Trevor Project

A parent/teacher conference begins as a mystery with a mother seeking answers as to why her son, Gidion, has been suspended from his 5th grade class. The teacher is apprehensive until their discussion develops into a dramatically charged collision of freedom of expression, the failure of our school system, bullying and personal responsibility. 

Gidion’s Knot is a heart-wrenching, adult-oriented drama by Princess Grace Award winner, Johnna Adams.

Gidion’s Knot is a visceral and provocative theatre experience unlike any other and sure to promote heated debate.

Directed by Kym Pappas


Design & Support Team: Wendy Savage (Producer), Jessamyn Foster (Stage Manager), Jose Galvan (Assistant Director), Joel Castellaw (Dramaturg), Robert Malave (Scenic Design), Nate Cargill (Lighting Design), Alanna Serrano (Costume Design), Alex Guzman (Sound Design), Jamie Channell Guzman (Graphic & Web Design), Adriana Zuniga-Williams (Photography)


Cast: Carla Nell (Heather), Jyl Kaneshiro (Corryn)


“InnerMission is known for producing intimate, immersive dramas on difficult subjects and Johnna Adams’ 2012 play isn’t for the squeamish. It’s a heart-pounding, suspenseful 90-minute journey through the women’s grief, fury and regret...a powerful look at two very flawed women in a near-flawless InnerMission production.”

-Pam Kragen, San Diego Union Tribune

"InnerMission Productions thrives on intensity. They love to go deep and dark, and 'Gidion’s Knot' is one of their best...

The actors are superb, Nell is perfectly measured and controlled – until she isn’t. Kaneshiro is tightly spooled, both teasing and poised to pounce, a fiery amalgam of anger and grief. Two finely shaded and delicately calibrated performances, in a blistering pas de deux.
-Pat Launer, Times of San Diego


"...on the heels of a very fine 'Seven Spots on the Sun' (in which miracles shone through the ravages of civil war), InnerMission has more or less done it again — this time in a wholly different setting that’s nonetheless as wrenching and political...Carla Nell is spot-on in the part, the character’s careworn affectations at odds with her stalwart defense of educational protocol. Corryn is consequently enraged at both the system and the circumstances of her visit to Heather’s classroom — and Kaneshiro juggles both miens like the expert she is."
-Martin Jones Westlin, San Diego Story


Director Kym Pappas has two terrific actors in Carla Nell (co-artistic director of InnerMission) and Jyl Kaneshiro. While Nell’s Heather struggles for control (of herself as well as the situation), Kaneshiro’s Corryn desperately wants to blame Heather. Both are brilliant portrayals. 'Gidion’s Knot' is a tense 90 minutes, but worth every uncomfortable second.
-Jean Lowerison, SDGLN

"With such an emotionally charged play, it is incredibly easy to lose the refinement of acting in crests and waves, giving the audience time to adjust to both the growing tension and resulting cathartic release. Instead, Corryn and Heather, played by Jyl Kaneshiro and Carla Nell, were intelligent actors who managed the tremendous intensity of the play with grace."

-Layla Hanson, The Triton


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