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Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V. Royal

A San Diego Premiere
June 4th - June 27th, 2010
Proceeds from this performance were donated to The Center's Youth Housing Project. 

Directed by Kym Pappas


Cast: Brendan Cavalier (CB), Wendy Savage (CB’s Sister), Nick Louie (Van), Evan Kendig (Mat), Jonathan Hammond (Beethoven), Wendy Maples (Tricia), Samantha Ginn (Marcy), Katherine Harroff (Van’s Sister)


Photography by Paul Savage


...."Who is popular and who is a loser? Who is a stoner and who is a slut? And, of course, who is gay?"


Everyone is curious about what happens when their favorite comic-book friends get a little older and end up in high school...the doctor is no longer in, the security blanket has been burned, the bust of Beethoven has been removed from the piano, and your favorite blockhead is now a football star. In this hysterical yet profound parody, the gang has traded their innocence for experience, their sentiment for swearing and sex- all while still trying to either maintain or find their identities. Funny yet haunting, raunchy yet spiritual, absurd yet painfully real- come see your favorite characters as they continue to learn life's lessons in the most humorous and human of ways.


When CB's dog dies from rabies, CB begins to question the existence of an afterlife. His best friend is too burnt out to provide any coherent speculation; his sister has gone goth; his ex-girlfriend has recently been institutionalized; and his other friends are too inebriated to give him any sort of solace. But a chance meeting with an artistic kid, the target of this group's bullying, offers CB a peace of mind and sets in motion a friendship that will push teen angst to the very limits. Drug use, suicide, eating disorders, teen violence, rebellion and sexual identity collide and careen toward an ending that's both haunting and hopeful.


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