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Disappearing Act by Delia Knight

December 11-20, 2015
Diversionary Black Box
June 24-29, 2016
San Diego International
Fringe Festival
Spotlight Organization:

Directed by Kym Pappas


Design & Support Team: Carla Nell (Producer), Divina Magracia (Stage Manager), James Michael McCullock
(Scenic Design), Chad Oakley (Lighting Design), Kathi Copeland (Costume Design), Kurt Kalbfleisch (Dramaturg), 
Carla Nell (Sound Design), Steve Schmitz (Stage Combat), Jamie Channell Guzman (Graphic & Web Design),
Adriana Zuniga-Williams & Jim Carmody (Photography)


Cast: Steve Froehlich (Alex), Kaly McKenna (Vivian), Jamie Channell Guzman (Monica), Rebecca Doyle Dorado
(Emma - Diversionary Black Box), Beth Gallagher (Emma - San Diego Fringe Festival), Robert Malave (Kick),
Salvador Velasco (Buck)


A play about family
and the war...
after war.


"...a powerful piece of theater." -Jean Lowerson, SDGLN


"The production is strong and earnest...The emotions of the well-cast ensemble run high (real tears are shed by several players) and run the gamut...this harrowing slice of modern family life is well told, well presented and vitally important. This provocative and informative play is both cautionary and necessary." -Pat Launer, Times of San Diego


"Give the company a lot of credit: it’s put together a thoughtful, professional-level, show on a limited budget. Everyone involved seems committed and emotionally connected to the material (there’s real tears on the actors’ faces at several points). And, the play eloquently portrays a family’s experience with their soldier-son’s overseas deployments and the PTSD that developed in the process." - Bill Edie, San Diego Story


"'Disappearing Act' attempts to re-create for the audience the feeling that family members experience as the secondary casualties of war. It’s a different perspective than seen in many war-themed plays. It’s not entirely satisfying and even sometimes off-putting.But that’s no accident. Knight clearly wanted to show the messiness that war can leave behind, both on its survivors and those they love." -Pam Kragen, San Diego Union-Tribune

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