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"Matrescence" by Jennifer Lane
Directed by Heidi Handelsman
Produced by InnerMission Productions

AUDITIONS: Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 - By Appointment from 6-10pm

Please Email: for your appointment and to receive sides
Please Attach/Include the following:
• Headshot (or current photo)
• Performance Resume, if available
• Audition time preference

CALLBACKS: Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 - By Invitation from 6-9pm

REHEARSALS: Begin March 2020
PRODUCTION DATES: May 22nd-June 7th, 2020

"When Margot -- an unmarried, queer liberal -- announces to her ultra-conservative parents that she's pregnant, a family divided by clashing politics must find a way to band together in welcoming this new little life into the world or risk being torn irreparably apart."

MARGOT - mid-30s, any ethnicity, bisexual. A writer and rebel striving to live an authentic, creative life, often flying in the face of her conservative parents. Has never thought of herself as maternal -- can't keep a houseplant alive.

CLAIRE - Margot's sister, 30s. Takes charge in moments of crisis and conflict. Makes plans, gets involved.

DAVID - Margot's partner, any ethnicity. Sincere, kind, patient, maybe a little timid but brave where it counts.

RUTH - Margot and Claire's mother, 60s-70s. Conservative politically, but loves her kids unconditionally. Caring, warm, funny.

WALTER - Margot and Claire's father, white, 60s-70s. Conservative politically, struggling with his daughters' life choices. Can be gruff and distant, trying not to be.

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