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Mission Statement

InnerMission is driven to tell stories that grab you and shake your insides. We aim to listen, to create, to connect.



Our History

We come to the theatre to confront our greatest fears, prejudices and beliefs. We walk away empowered, inspired and called upon to make a difference in our community through the power of storytelling and the art of theatre. InnerMission Productions is a family of people committed to tackling social justice, creating equality and supporting new work outside of the walls of conformity.


InnerMission Productions began in 2005 with a single goal in mind; bring new and diverse stories to the stage in order to powerfully engage the local community.


InnerMission believes in the restorative power of theatre. Theatre is a tool to illuminate the darkest parts of our human existence. Each show is an opportunity to create a family, to tackle prickly issues - bullying, sexuality, PTSD - and to provide a safe space to discover answers to complex questions.


Carla Nell and Kym Pappas helm InnerMission Productions, and through their passion and combined efforts they have fostered a connection with their audience for the past decade. Carla and Kym want to do more than open a dialogue, they want to change the nature of the conversation.


Over the last ten years InnerMission has produced shows that have done just that; Fat Pig by Neil Labute, The Glory of Living by Rebecca Gilman and Dog Sees God by Bert V. Royal. Our first full season boasts three San Diego Premieres and a partnership with Diversionary Theatre to bring this exciting new work to the stage.

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