C U R R E N T   P R O D U C T I O N

When a young girl goes missing in Longview, TX, secrets get stirred up.  Even in an all-American town, we could never guess what's going on behind our neighbor's door…unless we took a peek. The doors of Longview, TX are hiding some ugly stuff.  But the same is true with people, right?  We never really know what's going on in someone else's mind, even when we've known and loved them our whole lives. And they don't know all our dark and nasty either, thank goodness.  Longview, TX is a play about what we lose when our dirty laundry gets hung outside on the line, and what we can gain after it's all said n' done.  It's called growing up the hard way. When Prisa Hernandez gets abducted in broad daylight, racial tensions surface in the community, and she becomes the first ever minority case aired on the hit legal show, On The Case with Blanche Duvet, where ratings are queen. Meanwhile, middle aged love is trying to float between two pretty scuffed up hearts. Then as the case gets warm we find out there's a side to our youngsters that no one saw coming.  Come on out and visit Longview, TX. Where sister tension gets heated, line dancing gets shuffled, brisket gets served and badges flash…We'll see you there! Click below to purchase tickets!!!

New Staged Reading Series!


Here's how it works:

E-mail: innermissionproductions@gmail.com with the subject line: Password Theatre


We will send you a password with a clue about the play we will be reading!

Come to the studio on November 24th at 8pm with your password. Eat cheese, drink wine and hear an amazing play read by some of your favorite local actors.

You just won't know what play until you get there!!!


Suggested Donation of $5.